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Social Panics, Mass Hysteria & Havana Syndrome

Magical Malady? Worlds Apart Rusian TV, January 30, 2022. Watch here ︎︎︎

Cuba asks US to restore relations following outcome of CIA report, TRT World Now, January 29, 2022. Watch here ︎︎︎

Was 'Havana Syndrome' a case of mass hysteria?, DW News, January 23, 2022. Watch here ︎︎︎

Who or What is behind Havana Syndrome? Inside Story Al Jazeera, January 15, 2022. Watch here ︎︎︎

Havana Syndrome: Weapon or Illness? British Forces TV Network, January 2022. Watch here ︎︎︎

Havana “Syndrome,” Tucker Carlson Tonight, October 15, 2021. Watch here ︎︎︎

New Zealand TV – NewsHub, October 9, 2016. Watch here ︎︎︎

The 2016 Creepy Clown Panic, New Zealand Herald, October 7, 2016. Watch here ︎︎︎


Invasion Earth - The Frederich Valentich Story, National Geographic TV Series. Listen here ︎︎︎

Human Rights.

No Māori Allowed: Kuia sheds light on Pukekohe’s dark past, TVNZ New Zealand Te Karere [Maori Affairs Program], March 5, 2020. Watch here ︎︎︎

Robert Bartholomew on apartheid in Pukekohe New Zealand: Extended Interview, TVNZ New Zealand, March 5, 2020. Watch here ︎︎︎ Also available here ︎︎︎

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Social Panics

Dr Robert E Bartholomew - From UFOs To Cryptozoology To Social Panics And Bizarre Mental Disorders, The X-Zone Radio Show, March 17, 2020. Listen here ︎︎︎

Robert E. Bartholomew / Public Panic, The Big Picture Science Show (Produced by the SETI Institute), November 11, 2017. Listen here ︎︎︎

The 2016 Phantom Clown Panic, Mike Hosking Breakfast Show NewsTalk ZB, October 7, 2016. Listen here ︎︎︎

People dressed up as creepy clowns cause hysteria, ABC Radio Australia, October 7, 2016. Listen here ︎︎︎

Weekend Variety Wireless, Radio Live New Zealand with Graeme Hill, April 12, 2018. Listen here ︎︎︎

Havana Syndrome

Havana Hysteria w/ Robert Bartholomew, Into The Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott, February 5, 2022. Listen here ︎︎︎

Havana syndrome—the mystery illness baffles again, Science Podcast [The Economist], January 18, 2022. Listen here ︎︎︎

What is Havana Syndrome?, Monocle 24 [The Globalist], Channel 1 London, January 17, 2022. Listen here ︎︎︎

Who or What is behind Havana Syndrome?, Al Jazeera Inside Story w/ Peter Dolby, January 15, 2022. Watch here ︎︎︎

Mysteriet bakom Havannasyndromet [The mystery behind the Havana syndrome], Sveriges Radio, November 20, 2021. Listen here ︎︎︎ (36 minute mark)

Havana Syndrome: Mass Psychogenic Illness and the Real Story Behind the Embassy Mystery and Hysteria, MythVision Podcast, November 12, 2021. Watch here ︎︎︎

Havana Syndrome, History Hit Warfare Podcast, November 1, 2021. Listen here ︎︎︎

Serious illness or mass hysteria? Havana Syndrome continues to be investigated, Sunday Extra ABC Radio Australia, September 26, 2021. Listen here ︎︎︎

Havana Syndrome with Robert Bartholomew, Squaring the Strange, October 15, 2021. Listen here ︎︎︎

James Bond - the real world of MI6, espionage and the fact in the fiction, I've Been Thinking with Peter Frankopan, October 15, 2021. Listen here ︎︎︎

Havana Syndrome and Mass Hysteria, The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett. Listen here ︎︎︎

The Havana Syndrome Controversy w/ Dr. Robert Bartholomew, Parallel Views Podcast, May 8, 2021. Listen here ︎︎︎

Robert Bartholomew talks about mass hysteria, WGN Radio 720 Chicago, January 10, 2021. Listen here ︎︎︎

The mystery behind Cuba’s sonic attack: One sociologist says it’s not likely, WGN Radio 720 Chicago, October 21, 2017. Listen here ︎︎︎

Conspiracy Theories

Why conspiracy theories thrive in times of crisis, Radio New Zealand, May 21, 2020. Listen here ︎︎︎

Going Viral - A History of Conspiracy Theories and Bad Ideas, Tick Tick Podcast, April 21, 2020. Listen here ︎︎︎


XZRS: Robert Bartholomew - The Untold Story of Champ, The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network. Listen here ︎︎︎

The Lake Champlain 'Monster,' Whispers Paranormal Podcast, January 14th, 2013. Listen here ︎︎︎


Hoaxes, Stranger Than Fact Radio Show 95B FM New Zealand, July 5, 2021. Listen here ︎︎︎

Satanic Cult Panic

The Satanic Panic with Robert Bartholomew, 
Magic Talk Radio, New Zealand, September 3, 2017. Listen here ︎︎︎

Mass Delusions

Robert Bartholomew on mass delusions, NZ Skeptics Society Conference, August 17, 2010. Listen here ︎︎︎

Human Rights

Racial Segregation at Pukekohe: Separating Fact from Fiction –Speech at the Pukekohe Town Hall before a live audience of 300+ including New Zealand Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon, June 24, 2021. Watch here ︎︎︎

A History of Racial Segregation in Pukekohe – Talk at the Pukekohe Library before an audience of 100+, June 17, 2021. Watch here ︎︎︎

America's Dark History of Demonizing Immigrants, American Public Radio (Wisconsin), November 27, 2018. Listen here ︎︎︎