Robert E. Bartholomew ✧

Psychology Today column

It’s Catching – on Social Panics, Popular Delusions and Mass Suggestion

1.  Don’t Let Psychogenic Illness Undermine the COVID Vaccine.
2. Study Links ‘Havana Syndrome’ to Radio Frequency Energy…           Omits Key Information.
3. A Popular Website Is Reportedly Making People Sick.
4. New Zealand: A Nation Grappling with its Racist Past.
2. What’s Driving the Lockdown Protests over Covid-19?
3. 5G Conspiracy Theories Are Sweeping the Planet. Why?
4. Deciphering New Zealand's COVID-19 Numbers
5. COVID-19: Making Sense of the Numbers
6. The Coronavirus and the Search for Scapegoats
7. The Chinese Coronavirus is not the Zombie Apocalypse
8. An Open Letter to the Diplomats with ‘Havana Syndrome.’
9. A Popular Website is Reportedly making People Sick.
10. New ‘Sonic Attack’ Study Mostly Spin, Little Substance
11. Latest Chapter in the ‘Sonic Attack’ Saga.
12. The ‘Momo Scare’ Goes Viral Again: The recent flareup taps into       parental fears.
13. Many Americans Cannot Separate Fact from Fiction
14. The World’s Most Dangerous Myth
15. Weak Evidence for Microwave Radiation in the U.S. Evidence:
16. Sonic Attack Story is being Misreported.
17. Major Study on ‘Sonic Attack’ is Alarmingly Inaccurate.
18. ‘Sonic Attack’ Not Mass Hysteria, Says Top Doc – He’s Wrong!
19. Strange Sounds Sickening Cuban Diplomats?
20. Earthquake Shock: Mexico’s Buried Schoolgirl Who Never Was
21. ‘Sonic Attack’ on the U.S. Embassy Likely Psychological
22. Fidget Spinner Fad Winds Down: Should fidget spinners be               allowed at school?
23. Why are Females Prone to Mass Hysteria? Mass hysteria is an           overwhelmingly female condition. But why? (Social factors can         potentially explain the differences).
24. World Exclusive: Strange Outbreak of Hallucinations – Solved
25. The Bizarre Outbreak of Hallucinations in Oregon: A mysterious       outbreak has U.S. authorities baffled.
26. History Tells Us that the Clown Scare May Grow: It’s likely to           get worse before it gets better.
27. The Great Clown Scare of 2016: Why the panic won’t last.
28. Australian Family Suffer Bizarre Shared Delusion: The strange         case of the family who suffered a collective panic attack.
29. Phantom Clowns in South Carolina are Nothing New: Reports of       phantom clowns in South Carolina luring children into the                 woods, are most likely a matter for folklorists, not police.
30. Pokémon Go Fad Will be Gone by Christmas: The latest in a long       history of fads
31. The Man Who Thought he was a Cat: The Story of the cat-man is       one of the strangest in the annals of human behavior.
32. The School that Caught the Hiccups: A strange outbreak of mass       psychogenic illness in Massachusetts.
33. Can Ouija Boards Trigger Demonic Possession?
34. Mass Suggestion at 40,000 Feet: The Placebo Effect in reverse –       the power of the mind.